Back to blogging – with a mini-graduation

This blog is in desperate need of updating! I’ve got plans for a few posts in the pipeline – but baby steps first – here’s a post based on something I recently shared on my LinkedIn.

Recently I was proud to attend the Lancaster Organisation and Educational Development graduation ceremony, for completing the University’s Supporting Learning Programme in 2016.

The SLP helps to develop the teaching skills of staff and to increase their understanding and appreciation of wide range of teaching and learning issues. It’s led to accreditation as an Associate Fellow of the HEA which I am really proud of, but do want to move onto further levels of accreditation in future.

The role in which I work is currently undergoing a few changes and I’m keen to use the HEA’s UK Professional Standards Framework to help guide the personal development that I’ll need to undertake. Anyway, it was a great morning and nice to be involved with other staff from the University who were being recognised for OED qualifications in teaching, leadership and management. Here’s a pic of me with our Chancellor, the Rt Hon Alan Milburn.

056 22-03-17

OED do a great job of providing development opportunities for staff at Lancaster – they are a real asset to our community and I know that I’ll have benefited from completing the SLP throughout my career.


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